Sacred Hymn Arrangements for piano:

“I bought your sacred hymn arrangement book 1 on Amazon and it arrived yesterday, I tried today and was touched by the beautiful harmony and arrangements! I love them, so I just bought the whole set in PDF so that I can play them on my iPad :) I checked them on my iPad, they are all good and ready to play! May God continue to bless you with tons of inspirations and write music for the glory of His Name! - Keji

Rock 'n Boogie Blues:

"I just thought I would let you know how much my 13-year-old son has been loving your first Rock 'n Boogie Blues book. He has been steadily working through each piece over the past couple of months, memorizing them as he goes. This is a goal he set 100% on his own, because your music is so motivating for him! In fact, when I asked him what kind of reward he would give himself for memorizing all the pieces, he said, "Getting the next one in the series!" 

I've attached a video of him playing the most recent song he has memorized--"Jolly Old St. Nick". He is now working on "Jacob's Ladder", and it won't be long before it's time to order the next book! Thanks again for your fun, motivating pieces!" - Tessa


“Thanks SO MUCH for the CD. What a treat!” - Judy

Christmas CD:

“Thank You.  The music is wonderful.  I’m going to save up and get your other CD’s.” - Jeralyn

Halloween CD:

“Great job! Can’t wait to have my son sing with the CD.”  - Arleen

On "Best Me That I Can Be" songbook:

"Thank you so much! I teach both music and character development; when I saw this resource I just had to order it. Please let me know if you have more resources like this." - Carol

After turning a melody into a song:

   “I got your email while I was sitting in the airport, but I had packed my headphones in my checked bag, so I had no way to listen to it until I got home.  The flight was much longer due to the anticipation.  I actually had to start a conversation with my seatmate to get my mind off it.
    "Usually when one anticipates a thing so much, the actual fact of the thing is a disappointment, but this music has exceeded all expectation and is about the coolest thing I have ever heard.  I'm sure I am biased because I have wished for so long that someone could capture and enhance the mood of this (to me) persistent melody.
    "It's wonderful. You are a genius. Let me just say that you have my undying thanks for making something beautiful out of my simple theme. I'm sure I will be bugging pianists to play it for the rest of my life.
    "Thank you for this great gift.” - Mark

After the performance of an original work:

   "I didn't get to see you last night after the concert.  I just wanted to say congratulations!  I think the piece came off very well -- it sounded very good and quite convincing.  (head of the university music department), who was sitting beside me thought it was beautiful.
    "Nice Work!" - Steve (music professor)

After the performance of an original string quartet:

"Your piece was fantastic, and I am happy that the quartet played it so well.  Bravo!" - Hasse (music professor)

After the performance of an original sacred choral piece:

"Amazing. Your talents were able to clothe what your heart was hearing." - Scott

After hearing her commissioned arrangement:

"I watched the video of 'Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning', and I smiled the whole time. It is so great. Thanks again! I love it!” – Merianne (commissioned the piece)

After winning a music competition:

"You the man!!!!!!! Congrats and deserved. You are an awesome talent!" - Harvey

From a former piano student:

"I always knew I learned from the best!" - Emily

After hearing an original electro-acousting piece:

“Dipping our toes into the avant garde are we? Bravo. Weird, yes. But cool.” - Mark

After a performance of an original choral piece:

   “Of all the pieces that were performed in the Assembly Hall at the Church Music Festival, your arrangement of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" was the most striking and loved. The music has been in my head ever since. God bless the goodness of your mind and heart, and your sensitivity to the Spirit that produced this wonderful piece! It was with great pleasure that I found the sheet music on the internet, and I can guarantee that it will be used as part of my stake music and ward callings in the future!

   “I look forward to hearing more of your works and wish you all the success and inspiration you can handle in the future!!” - Betty Ann

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Kevin G. Pace
West Jordan, Utah