The following music services are available:

*Compose original music for any occasion.

*Arrange music to fit your unique needs. I can write an instrumental arrangement or song for you. You specify the details and I will write the arrangement. Examples: Violin solo or duet with piano accompaniment, piano arrangement of your favorite song, hymn, etc. You will receive your song professionally printed and recorded to CD.

*Transpose music to a different key with less sharps, less flats, higher, lower, whatever you desire.

*Make a piano recording of music on CD.  This is great for music students and teachers. I can make a CD full of any songs you want. You send me the printed music, I will record the piano accompaniment of your music on CD for you. Examples: Record a CD of music to play during a wedding reception, record a CD of piano music, or record a piano accompaniment for a duet or concerto. I often record these at various tempos (speeds) so the performer can practice at the tempo of choice. It often helps to learn a piece of music on the piano if you can listen to what it should sound like. I can provide a recording for you.

*Professionally notate manuscript music.  For example, your Aunt Jane wrote a song on a piece of music paper years ago.  Here's your chance to have it professionally printed.

*Compose music to your words.  For example, if you have written a poem that you really like, it can be set to music.  Music will be written for piano and vocal. Send me the poem and I will set it to music. You would receive the song professionally printed as sheet music and also recorded onto CD.

*Compose original music for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, office party, commercial, etc.

*Write a song or jingle for your school, business or any song that you can dream up. You may send me words to set to music, or just key words such as school mascot, school name, business slogan, etc. Or I can provide words for you. 

*Write a song for a loved one's birthday, anniversary or other special event.  Would your spouse love a song written especially for his/ her anniversary or birthday?  Send me your idea, I will write the song for that special event.   

*Print Music. Have you written a song that you would like printed professionally? Send me the manuscript and I will print it for you. Have you written a melody without accompaniment? Send me an audio tape of someone singing the melody of your song. I will arrange it with piano accompaniment. Music will be professionally printed on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. You may also request the music recorded onto CD.

*Lessons:  If you live in the Salt Lake area, lessons are available in piano, music theory, and music composition.  

*Let me know of other musical ideas you have to see if I can help you out. 

*To order a musical service, please send an e-mail to with the specific musical need that you have. The cost of all services is $50.00 per hour.  Since projects vary significantly in complexity, the price is generally set by my looking at the project you have in mind.  Then I can give you an estimate of total cost. It all depends on the music.  So send me your idea and I will get back with you.  Once we have agreed on a price, I will get your order taken care of.


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