Original sacred music for SATB voices

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Hymns volume 1 (hymn #s 1-25)

Hymns volume 2 (hymn #s 26-50)

Hymns: Volume 3 (hymn #s 51-75)

Hymns: Volume 4 (hymn #s 76-100)

Hymns: Volume 5 (hymn #s 101-125)

Hymns: Volume 6 (hymn #s 126-150)

Hymns: Volume 7 (hymn #s 151-175)

Hymns: Volume 8 (hymn #s 176-200)

Hymns: Volume 9 (hymn #s 201-225)

Hymns: Volume 10 (hymn #s 226-250)

Hymns: Volume 11 (hymn #s 251-275)

Hymns: Volume 12 (hymn #s 276-300)

Hymns: Volume 13 (hymn #s 301-325)

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                          The Sacred Songbook                          175 Hymns by Kevin Pace and Mark Fotheringham

This volume contains all hymns from Hymns volume 1 through 12 written by Kevin Pace and Mark Fotheringham.

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Kevin at Tabernacle Organ

Pace Music:

Kevin G. Pace
West Jordan, Utah