Original sacred music for SATB voices

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Hymns volume 1 (hymn #s 1-25)

Hymns volume 2 (hymn #s 26-50)

Hymns: Volume 3 (hymn #s 51-75)

Hymns: Volume 4 (hymn #s 76-100)

Hymns: Volume 5 (hymn #s 101-125)

Hymns: Volume 6 (hymn #s 126-150)

Hymns: Volume 7 (hymn #s 151-175)

Hymns: Volume 8 (hymn #s 176-200)

Hymns: Volume 9 (hymn #s 201-225)

Hymns: Volume 10 (hymn #s 226-250)

Hymns: Volume 11 (hymn #s 251-275)

Hymns: Volume 12 (hymn #s 276-300)

Hymns: Volume 13 (hymn #s 301-325)

Hymns: Volume 14 (hymn #s 326-350)

Hymns: Volume 15 (hymn #s 351-375)

Hymns: Volume 16 (hymn #s 376-400)

Hymns: Volume 17 (hymn #s 401-500) - book in progress

Adore Him! (Snowball)

As a Wandering Child

Ask of God (Snowball)

Awake and Arise! (Snowball)

Befriend Each Man (Fotheringham)

Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive

Behold, This Sign is Given

Believe in This God

Blazing Throne of God, The (Mendoza)

Chosen (Krista Pace)

Chosen Witnesses

Come to Me (Snowball)

Coming Down From Heaven

Exemplar, Savior, Defender (extended version, Fotheringham)

Eye Hath Not Seen (Snowball)

Eyes of Love (Snowball)

"Fear Not"

For Them That Love God (Snowball)

From Babylon, All Saints Depart (Fotheringham)

Glory of Christmas, The

Glory to God in the Highest

Go and Do (K. Hales)

God of Heaven Bless (Fotheringham)

Hear Him (Snowball)

He Comes Quietly

He Lives (Snowball)

He Stood Forth (Fotheringham)

His Christmas Presence

Holy Jesus

Imagine Heaven

Imagine This New Baby Jesus

I'm Sending Down My Son

Is It My God? (Fotheringham)

Just When You Needed Me Most

Lift Up Your Voice!

Light and Love (K. Hales)

Little Wonder (Mary's Lullaby)

Look to God in Firmness (Fotheringham)

Lord Hath Brought Again Zion, The (D&C 84:99-102)

Love of God, The (Fotheringham)

Mary's Gift

"Mine Eyes Have Seen"

O Remember, Remember

One Testimony (Fotheringham)

Only One (Fotheringham)

On That Sacred, Holy Night

Plain and Precious Truths (K. Hales)

Reaching (Fotheringham)

Remember the Sacrifice (K. Hales)

Revelation (Krista Pace)

Seek Ye The Lord, As Now He Is Near (Fotheringham)

Shepherd and Lamb, The

Sweetest Gifts, The (K. Hales)

They Called Him Jesus

Wandering Wise Men

Welcome, Welcome, Baby Jesus!

We Speak of Christ (Fotheringham)

What is the State of My Soul? (K. Hales)

What Is This I Hear?

Will You Welcome Him In?

                          The Sacred Songbook                          Over 200 Hymns by Kevin Pace and Mark Fotheringham

This volume contains most of the hymns from Hymns volumes 1 through 16 written by Kevin Pace and Mark Fotheringham.

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Kevin G. Pace
West Jordan, Utah