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Lyrics by Connie Sabir            Music by Kevin G. Pace

Fun, original songs for helping children become familiar with the letters of the alphabet. Excellent resource for school teachers, pre-school teachers, parents, grandparents, etc.  Your children will love becoming familiar with the letters of the alphabet while singing these songs. 26 songs.  On the CD, each song is recorded with vocals and piano accompaniment.


Ants and Ants                    Bubbles

Crablet                              Dirt!

Echo                                  Fireflies

Gurtie the Gorilla                A Hairy Old Troll

Ice Cream                          Jelly Beans

Kizzy Kangaroo                   Lazy Lion

Maxwell Moose                    Nicky’s Nose

Oops!                                 Pizza Please

Little Quail                          Riding

Socks                                 Tattle Tale Tillie

Ugly Little Bug                    Hear My Voice

Wiggle Worm Dance            Poor Little X

Yellow Song                        Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Order the CD recording $14.95

THE GREATEST ME THAT I CAN BE (Teaching Positive Values Through Music)

Texts by such authors as Edgar A. Guest, Abraham Lincoln, Dale Wimbrow and J. Patrick Lewis. 

Through the songs in this volume, one can memorize:

-the Gettysburg address 

-several classic poems

-the states and capitals of the United States

Other songs teach values or are just for fun.


Birthday Song (Pace) 

Gettysburg Address (Abraham Lincoln) 

Good, Better, Best

Good Books (Edgar A. Guest)

Guy in the Glass, The (Dale Wimbrow) 

Holding a Grudge (Mary Button Hopkins)

It Couldn't Be Done (Edgar A. Guest)            

Myself (Edgar A. Guest)

Rah, Rah, Rah for the ABCs (Pace)

Read, Think, Dream (J. Patrick Lewis)  

States and Capitals (Pace)   

Trust (Pace)                           

You (Edgar A. Guest)


CD information:

Each song (except the Gettysburg Address and the States & Capitals) is recorded three times as follows:

1) a track with a vocalist singing the song,

2) a piano accompaniment track at a slower tempo, and

3) a piano accompaniment track at a faster tempo. 

The Gettysburg Address and the States & Capitals are recorded once with vocals and once with piano accompaniment only.  A copy of the lyrics will be provided upon request with the purchase of the CD.

Learn and sing along with these songs by singing along with the vocal track.  Then sing them with piano accompaniment only.  This is great music for school teachers, parents or others who want to teach values education through music. Every school class and family should sing these songs. These songs have already been sung and enjoyed by various classes and grade levels in many schools.

Order the CD recording $14.95

Music Practice Log and Assignment Tracker

The ideal book for music teachers and students. This book provides a way to track assignments, set goals, log practice time, etc. Enough pages for one year plus of use. Includes several pages of blank music paper at the end of the volume.

Physical and Chemical Changes

A song with a very catchy tune.  Teaches the difference between Physical Changes and Chemical Changes. A great way to teach this science concept.  Kids love it.

Times Table Songs

Songs to teach the multiplication facts.  The songs use familiar melodies with fresh, new musical arrangements.  The lyrics are comprised of skip counting. The 2s are taught using the tune to Yankee Doodle, the 3s use the melody of Are You Sleeping, and so on.  Learning these songs will help students of all ages memorize the multiplication facts.  Students have long learned their ABCs with music.  Why not learn the times tables in the same manner?

Order the CD recording $11.95


Modes of jazz scales worksheet
All Scales WS Sheet1.pdf
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Blues Scales
Blues scales.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.6 KB]
Melodic minor scales and modes
melodic minors and their modes.pdf
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Modes - chart
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Octatonic Scales
Octatonic Scales.pdf
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