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Kevin G. Pace (Pace Music) provides original music compositions, original arrangements, educational products, and music services. Music is provided in sheet music format or recordings.  Sheet music books are available on Amazon.com or in PDF format through SheetMusicPlus.com.

Pace Music's goals:

*Compose original choral music.

*Compose fun, beautiful, enchanting, original piano solos or duets that beginning to advanced pianists will love to play.

*Make recordings or sheet music of music you have written.

*Compose original music using your text or poetry. 

*Compose personalized songs for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, schools, etc. 

*Compose original music for small ensemble.

*Accept commissions to compose original music according to your specifications.


Contact me with your musical ideas. I'll see what I can do for you.


Ordering information:

PDF music for individual titles or books on this site are generally ordered through SheetMusicPlus.com.  When you click on a title on this site, you are redirected to SheetMusicPlus.com where the purchase and subsequent download can be made. 


Physical copies of  books on this site are generally ordered through Amazon.com.  When you click on a book title on this site, you are redirected to Amazon.com where the purchase can be made and from where the book will be mailed to you.


Audio recordings of much of the music on this site can be purchased through GooglePlay.  Clicking on a a book title will redirect you to GooglePlay where you can download audio for the whole book or for individual pieces. 

To sign up for Pace Music's newsletter, please send an email to k54pace@q.com. Write "newsletter" in the subject window, or just send me a short message.  You'll then receive updates on new compositions, new music collections, etc.


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